A classic shoot-em-up got the hi-def and quality of life treatment in 2021, making it even more playable than it already was.
It took a couple of decades, but Nihon Falcom finally made their own version of Ys IV, and it's great.
The shift to the sixth generation of consoles brought a number of overhauls in the Extreme G formula, but they worked.
Twinbee was a series of vertically scrolling shoot-em-ups, until Konami correctly decided it would also work as a side-scrolling platformer.
20 years and one day later, Rogue Leader is still a fantastic arcade flight game that the franchise hasn't managed to top for a number of reasons.
Final Fantasy VI's opera scene is much, much more than an unexpected set piece for a video game from 1994: it's a vital storytelling component, one tha…
The Neo Geo was not known for shoot-em-ups in the same way it was for fighters, but Blazing Star is one of the former that's still worth playing.
A masterpiece in a number of ways, but one that's largely unknown for just as many reasons. Lack of Love deserves a second chance in a time that might …
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A strategy RPG designed by someone who really did not like the original Fire Emblem, and it shows.
What was once a prohibitively expensive Japanese-exclusive Mega Drive game is now available worldwide on modern platforms, and it's great.
Turn off your brain and shoot some tanks.