Making everything feel grand and vital in its own way was central to Final Fantasy VI's score, and its many, many battle themes were no different.
A highly influential and popular Japanese arcade game that helped launch action RPGs, a sense of community and teamwork in arcades themselves, and has…
The Game Gear's Sonic entries were plentiful, but a worthwhile one was harder to find. Triple Trouble is one of the better ones.
A look back at Rare's once prolific racer that vanished for decades before reappearing on the Xbox One and Game Pass.
An enduring classic that spawned sequels, spin-offs, and sequels with their own sequels in arcades and living rooms around the world.
Way to make things confusing for everyone by naming the first Ace Combat game "Air Combat," Namco.
A foundational title from 1986 that still plays (and looks) like a dream.

February 2023

Even more DSiWare titles to grab before March 27, 2023.
A shitload of fun. Well, more like 10 shitloads.
The racing game where every car is a Volkswagen Beetle, because that's what 1999 was like.
Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki, really, because this fighting game crossover between two Falcom JRPG franchises hasn't been officially released outside of Japan.
Suda's and Mikami's joint production is about love, loss, and also dick jokes. Well, OK. Lots of dick jokes.