Bomberman, like so many other franchises at the time, made the move to 3D on the Nintendo 64.
For the second Mystical Ninja game on the N64, Konami left the realm of pure 3D to make one of the systems few side-scrolling platformers.
Rareware's tremendous N64 output is a significant part of why the console remains held in such high regard 25 years later.
WWF No Mercy might be the superior title, but there isn't a wrestling game I've spent more time with in my life than its predecessor.
Imagine, for a moment, that the Hamburger Helper mascot knows magic and can solve environmental platforming puzzles, too.
Ridge Racer is a multi-console series now, but that wasn't always the case.
Command & Conquer didn't originate on Nintendo's fifth-generation console, but this late iteration of the real-time strategy classic was a wonderful ad…
Nintendo's first attempt to rival Sony's Playstation did not always succeed, but the cartridge-based console left behind more than its share of legacy.
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Before there was Sakura Wars, there was... Sakura Wars.
The Sega Genesis' best role-playing game also has a wonderful soundtrack, steeped in sounds that only its home system could produce.
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